about tung

Tung Tung is an American bassist with a background in jazz, rock, and music education. Not your typical bass player, he plays many styles including metal, rock, pop, jazz, Latin jazz, R&B, and Motown. He reads and writes music, and is available for hire. He also writes songs and produces tracks.

Tung has played bass, contrabass guitar and guitar in a number of bands, including Clave Sol, Jimmy and the Faceplants, nFuZr, Oday Project, The Other People, Ziusudra, Mugley's Other, Stormcock, Dreamhouse, Baby Talk, and Kingvega$.

Tung has shared the stage with notable musicians such as Adam Hansbrough, Bunky Green, Craig Florez, Dawn Weber, Eliane Amherd, Jerry Greene, Joe Cozart, Joe Meyer, Ken Kehner, Michael Lawrence, Mike Metheny, Nick Brignola, Pete Christlieb, Phil Gomez, Rad Ratkovic, Rob Garland, Ron Carr, Ron Goff, Thor Anderson, Tom Byrne, Willie Thomas, and a few others that are only slightly less notable. :-P


Tung plays a Fodera Anthony Jackson Contrabass Guitar, a KC Strings upright bass, an NS Design NXT-5 Electric Upright Bass, a Warwick Thumb 6-string bass, and Ibanez and Epiphone guitars.